Best time to be an entrepreneur in India

India Investment Journal May Edition, Start-up India
Naspers has been behind investments in some of India’s most successful start-up ventures in recent years. Here Larry Illg, CEO for Ventures, explains what makes India an exciting prospect for the firm.

What would you attribute Naspers' success in the Indian market to?

Naspers is active in more than 130 countries and markets across the world, and our approach to investing in companies has been fairly consistent over the years. Firstly, we ensure that we understand the business model. Do we think it has legs? Do we think there is long-term defensibility and profit potential? This can be a few years out, because we look at a relatively long horizon for our investments. Is there a fundamental need in the market for this business to exist; increasingly, we look for businesses that address big societal needs. And finally, has the business got good potential to scale?