Start-ups keep up India’s growth momentum

India Investment Journal January Edition, Policy India
by India Inc. Staff
Start-up India is beginning to show results but these are still early days. The eco-system has to mature further before the benefits percolate down to all sectors of the economy.

For all those who wring their hands and complain that there is little by way of cutting edge scientific breakthroughs coming out of India’s vibrant start-up community, consider this: Deepak Solanki, a young Indian IIT Bombay and IIIT Hyderabad graduate, and his team are making waves the world over with their work on light fidelity (Li-FI), which uses LED bulbs to provide high-speed internet that can be up to 100 times faster than Wi-FI. The term Li-Fi was first used at a TED Global Talk in 2011 by University of Edinburgh Professor Harald Haas.