Shankar Ranganathan sacrificed millions of dollars in lost bonuses at the world’s top consultancy firms to heed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to help rebuild India.

Today I work for India. My client is not an MNC in Southeast Asia or Australia or the Middle East. At Invest India, our mission is to bring out a step-change in how and how much FDI comes into India. Our team of young professionals at Invest India are working to create immediate and tangible results on the ground. Every investor is special and they deserve and get the same quality of support which I would have otherwise provided as a consultant working for a global premium management consulting firm.

Nirmala Sitharaman, India’s commerce minister, maintains a punishing 14-15 hour daily work schedule. Over the last two years, she has been in the thick of the action and has earned a reputation for being a tough task master and a committed reformer.

She spoke exclusively to India Inc.’s Consulting Editor Arnab Mitra and discussed a wide range of economic issues in this exclusive interview.