From a backward state not so long ago, the so-called heartland of India has made some firm strides to be counted among the frontrunner states in India.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan can justifiably feel proud of the numbers. His state, which was part of the pejoratively named BIMARU provinces till not so long ago, has decisively shed that tag and now competes with the frontrunners in rolling out the red carpet for investors and attracting investment dollars.

“People asked: Where is Madhya Pradesh? No one had heard of Madhya Pradesh, not to mention its investment credentials. Barely 300 people participated in 2007. We have turned it around since then. This year, we had to stop registration for GIS when we had received 8,000 confirmations,” Chouhan said at this year’s Global Investors’ Summit (GIS), which his government organises to attract investments from India and abroad.