India Inc. property expert unravels the Indian government’s recent Budget for 2017-18 and its impact on the country’s real estate market.

The central theme of the 2017 Budget in early February seems to be towards creating cash flow and consumption from the bottom of the pyramid. This would then flow upwards to more robust and long-term capital formation at the hands of the development companies. The same trend is observed in the changes to the real estate rules in the current Budget.

What looked like an optimistic start to the year with leasing activity picking up in the commercial segment was not to be, writes India Inc. property expert.

If 2015 was a roller coaster, 2016 was definitely a steep downhill for the real estate sector.

With the passing of the Real Estate Regulation Bill, residential buyers hammered away at residential developers with judges passing landmark judgments against developers for delayed delivery.

India Inc. property expert reviews the recent trends in the Indian realty sector to highlight that it would be wise to go along with the current phase of transformation rather than resist change.

There was a drought in property sales that was carried forward from 2015 into the early half of the year. When sales just started picking up, came the liquidity squeeze which was a corollary to the government scheme that offered amnesty to tax dodgers. If that was not enough, the Real Estate Regulation Act gave teeth to the helpless buyers who had a track record of suffering at the hands of developers for delays way beyond committed deadlines.

The over 1.5 million Global Indians in the UK are among the most prolific investors in India’s real estate space. Srividya Rajan, General Manager, Corporate Sales & Brand Engagement, Sumansa Exhibitions, gives some key pointers on investing in India to coincide with the annual Indian Property Show in London in April 2016.